About Wadimedia

We help $500K – $10M sized B2B companies grow by making their sales and marketing more productive, efficient and effective.

Through the selective use of technology combinations (stacks), we create cloud-based structures that enables sales teams to achieve more with the same resources.

By leveraging digital marketing and communication strategies, our clients can reach a wider audience, nurture interest and deliver warmer leads to a more efficient and effective sales environment.

It is owned by Wes Ward . Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Current Services

  • B2B Growth Services – Sale and Marketing Tech Stack Consulting and Implementation
  • BizCastRadio.com – Done for You online radio news service for Hayden Real Estate Ocean Grove: See on ITunes


  • IOS apps [ipad & iphone]
  • HTML 5 & WordPress
  • Mobile
  • Social [consumer & enterprise]
  • Bluetooth LE Mobile Proximity
  • Live online / webinar
  • Real world
  • Blockchain / IoT


Wadimedia Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company.

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Helping Businesses Communicate Their Value Effectively